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PRO Bundle - 007 Edition

$419.00 $559.99

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Return Policy

Due to health regulations, they cannot be returned as they are edible products.
Restocking fees will also apply to returnable items.

This bundle has all what you need to start to create images on cakes, cookies, muffins, and more.

Design bakery quality products.

This bundle includes:

- 1 x New printer

- 25 WAFER Sheets (A4)

- 5 x pre-filled resettable edible ink cartridges

- 4 bottle set of edible ink ( Around 3.3 oz each),

- One Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit.

- 24 airbrush color set 


Recently Canon has sent an update to the printers to better detect when they are using cartridges that aren’t canon brand. To clear out this message all you have to do is follow the messages on the screen of your printer and press “Yes” and “okay” when prompted and asked if the ink is genuine Canon ink. At the end it’ll ask you to hold the Stop button for 5 second and it’ll clear out the message and allow you to print again.

If the message says “ink out of condition” all you have to do is hold the stop button for 5-6 seconds until you see the screen change and say “processing”. This will reset the printhead allowing it to read it just fine.

There’s a chance it’ll ask you do repeat the process for each cartridge but the whole process should only take about 1-2 minutes total.

*Free Standard Shipping in 48 State on orders over $25